Diogo Melo


My name is Diogo Melo and I am from Brazil. I live in São Carlos, São Paulo. I am a software developer and movie/chocolate/coffee lover.


I’ve got my bachelor degree in Computer Sciences from the University of São Paulo, in the beginning of 2010. My undergraduate research was around robot soccer. On 2006 I designed and implemented strategies for robot soccer. During 2007 and part of 2008 I implemented a robot soccer simulator. The source code is open and can be found on GitHub dmelo/uspds.

Between 2011 and 2013 I went on persuing my master degree. Also at the University of São Paulo. The subject of the research was data visualization and relevance feedback applied to information retrieval The dissertation can be found at USP’s digital library.

Currently, I work at von Braun labs, as a software developer. There I work on a wide variety of projects. We technology stack is decided to be the best for each project. So, we end up working with many different programming languages, frameworks, platforms. This is great both for the projects we develop and for self growth.

Personal life

I like getting envolved with open software projects. See the projects for more details. I consider the computers, and everything that comes with it, to be the greatest achievement of mankind. The ability to “transfer” toughts from my mind to a system and keep it running forever is the closest thing I know to magic. It fascinates me.

I also like to spending with family and friends. I realy enjoy getting myself into activities I know nothing or little about: climbing, archery, food/wine/beer/coffee/chocolate tasting, cooking and so on.