It’s been a while that Amuzi uses You2Better to stream audio content from YouTube. I have recently upgraded the documentation on You2Better to make it easier for other developers to take advantage of You2Better.

Setting it up

If you use Docker, you can set it up simply by running:

docker run -p 8888:8888 dmelo/you2better

It works because I have linked the GitHub repo dmelo/you2better to the docker image on Docker Hub dmelo/you2better.

When You2Better is running locally, you can download the audio files by accessing URLs like:

wget http://localhost:8888/?youtubeid=meT2eqgDjiM -O PomplamooseMusic_Beat_it.m4a

Under the hoods

All that You2Better need is the YouTube ID of the video. It uses rg3/youtube-dl to get meta data about the video, select the audio stream and download it.

When an URL like http://localhost:8888/?youtubeid=meT2eqgDjiM is requested, You2Better starts downloading the file from YouTube and immediately stream it to the client of the request. Also, it stores the file on cache, to speed up next requests.

It supports HTTP Range Requests, which is widely used by browsers to play audio streams.